Thursday, April 20, 2000

Flying in Chicago in Early 2000

A typical flight for me in Chicago in the late 1990s was to rent my Cessna (usually a C-172) at Midway airport and head either north (to Waukegan and north shore area) or down to Kankakee. The flight below was on a beautiful, high visibility day in April 2000.

(above) In the cockpit of my rented C-172 at Midway Airport, Chicago.

(above) My rental C-172 at Midway.

(above) Aircraft parked that day in front of Millionaire Aviation.

(above) And this F/A-18... Can I upgrade from my C-172?

(above) Taking off from Runway 31L (the one most used by general aviation).

(above) View of the "Loop" and Grant Park, Chicago.

(above) View my condo building (center highrise) at 5445 North Sheridan Rd.

(above) Flying over Wrigley Field and nearby "L" station.

(above) Flying over barracks and vehicle storage facilities at Fort Sheridan.

(above) Downwind at Waukegan Airport.

(above) Heading south over Rogers Park and Lakeview neighborhoods.

(above) Heading south past the United Center.