Saturday, July 3, 1999

Flying in Chicago in the Late 1990s (Part II)

By late 1999, I became harder to find the time to fly. I was working long hours for a top Chicago law firm, had bought a horse to ride in the distant suburbs, was finishing my LLM thesis in the evenings, was writing my first novel, and maintained an over-active social life. It was a surprise that I could get any flying done at all. Most of my flights were local, starting from Midway and heading to places like Kankakee, Meigs Field, Rockford, Waukegan, and Lake Geneva. (To see "Flying in Chicago, Part I," click here). The pictures below are from a flight in mid-1999 from a C-150.

(above) I sometimes took an instructor with me whenever I spent more than a couple months without flying. This one (I forgot her name) was particularly nice.

(above) Spectacular view of downtown Chicago shortly after takeoff from Midway.

(above) McCormick Place and Meigs Field, which was a fun airport to fly into.

(above) Foster Beach, Lake Shore Drive, and my condo building on Sheridan Rd.

(above) View of the Diversey Harbor Lagoon west of Lake Shore Drive.

(above) Heading south along the north shore (Bahai Temple visible on left/center).

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Sunday, April 25, 1999

Flying in Chicago the Late 1990s (Part I)

After moving to Chicago in 1997, I began flying C-150s and C-172s, at first from Poplar Grove, and later from Midway Airport. Typical destinations included Kankakee, Meigs Field, Rockford, and Waukegan, and Lake Geneva.

(above) Flying as second in command in a C-172 from Poplar Grove Airport.

(above) View heading north at about 4000 feet, passing over Meigs Field (1999).

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