Friday, July 17, 1998

Flying in Georgia with Scared Friends

On July 17, 1998, I was visiting Tifton, Georgia, a sleepy town in the southern part of the state, when I had the urge to rent a plane at the local airport and take some friends flying. It was a perfect day, with clear skies and warm temperatures. Great idea, you think. Well, when we got into the hanger, the attendant was glued to the television, following the breaking developments of the disapperance of a Piper Saratoga II aircraft piloted by JFK Jr. in the sea off Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. Lesson learned: check the news before you take inexperienced passengers with you. I finally got them to fly with me, but it took a lot of convincing (even though the weather was absolutely clear, that there was no other plane in the area, and that I'm a sane pilot).

(above) Taking my terrified friend, Candace, up for a short flight.

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