Monday, December 30, 1991

Helicopter Flight Over St. Lucia

In December 1991, I went on vacation to St. Lucia in the Caribbean. There I took a helicopter ride along the west coast of the island nation, beginning in the capital, Castries, and heading down to Soufriere, which was near my resort at Anse Chastenet. A splendid flight even though it was overcast.

(above) The Bell 206 helicopter.

(above) Taking off from and flying over the port in Castries, the capital.

(above) New resorts being built near Castries.

(above) Island north a mile north of Castries.

(above and below) the town of Soufriere.

(above) banana plantations near Perou.

(above) The main oil terminal at Grande Cul DeSac Bay.

(above) Returning to Castries.

(above) Flying over Runway 27 at George Charles Airport in Castries.

Monday, June 10, 1991

Flying Over the Swiss Alps

In June 1991, I went flying in an Alouette III helicopter from Sion Airport, in the Valais (southwestern Switzerland). It was one of the most scenic flights I've ever taken.

Wednesday, February 20, 1991

Learning to Fly...

My first flight as a student pilot was on a cool Texas morning, on January 19, 1991. I flew from/to San Antonio International Airport (Wright Flyers flight school) in an old Cessna 150. For the next several months I completed ground school, passed the written test and continued my flying as a student pilot. During that period, I moved to Dallas and continued my flight instruction at Addison Air Training (based at Addison Airport).

(above) Wright Flyers at San Antonio International.

(above) My first instructor at Wright Flyers.

(above) On final for Runway 12L.

(above) View of San Antonio (and Kelly Air Force Base at center-left)

(above) Flying over Sea World in the suburbs of San Antonio

(above) One of my early flights in a C-150 from San Antonio Int'l (SAT)

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